isofloc LM

isofloc LM

Whether it concerns the internal or external insulation of walls or the thermal insulation of floors, ceilings or roofs: isofloc LM proves to be the perfect solution for virtually all insulating tasks. Wherever isofloc cellulose insulation is ultimately used, our strict quality controls guarantee optimal results. isofloc LM bears the natureplus and Swiss-Label certifications.

Advantages for the building owner

isofloc LM is made of newspapers and therefore consists of cellulose, the natural fibre of wood. Therefore, the insulating material also has positive characteristics similar to those of wood: As it hardly conducts heat, the valuable heating energy remains inside in winter. At the same time it stores heat, which ensures cool and steady indoor temperatures in summer. Furthermore, cellulose handles moisture well and is able to save and emit it again. Owners of a house with isofloc insulation therefore live in a breathable “feel-good“ house, as it has a natural moisture balance in its room climate thanks to isofloc LM. Hardly any other insulation material offers this performance! And as far as fire protection is concerned, isofloc LM behaves in a similar way to solid wood. The charcoal layer formation fulfils a protective function for the wood and offers resistance against premature burn-through. Therefore, fire resistance classes from F 30 to F 90 are possible in many constructions. The flaky cellulose fibres are pressure-blown into partitions and adapt exactly to any shape – so insulation is provided right into the trickiest corners without any gaps at all. Thanks to the joint-free injected thermal insulation, draughts are ruled out. And finally, anyone looking for peace and quiet will find the optimal solution for his home with isofloc. Sound insulation at a high level – that makes your living comfort perfect. And the best thing is: You get all these benefits and are still being gentle to the environment. No other industrially manufactured insulation is as ecological as our cellulose insulating material.

How does it work?

isofloc LM is injected into thermal and sound insulation constructions in dry and wet procedures using blowing machines. Information for the processing of injectable insulation materials can be found here. The installation is carried out exclusively by trained isofloc specialists.

Become an isofloc specialist

We are the solution provider for the entire system of injected insulation materials. This success is based on three components that are perfectly matched to one another – the isofloc insulation system:

First-class products: With our main product, isofloc LM, isofloc specialists achieve results that continuously gain in quality, safety and comprehensive efficiency. Whether new buildings or renovation projects – all building standards and almost all constructions can be realised with isofloc LM.

Comprehensive service: We support the isofloc specialists with comprehensive service and offer advice in technical issues, carry out structural engineering computations, help with your calculations or in making a decision for the right construction details, and support you on site.

Powerful machines: Powerful, easy-to-operate machines form the third component of the isofloc insulation system. They allow fast, rational work with a constantly high insulating quality.

With our insulating system, isofloc specialists obtain everything they need for economical and energetically successful insulation solutions completely from a single source.



  • outstanding performance for protection against heat, cold and sound
  • hygroscopic and moisture regulative
  • tested fire safety
  • One material, all insulation thicknesses and shapes, no joints or offcuts
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness
  • Lowest production energy consumption of all industrially manufactured insulation materials
  • High-quality installer training
  • natureplus and Swiss-Label certified