Elegant and spill free swinging tray


To carry a full tray of drinks without spilling or tipping them can be often difficult.

To open a door with a full tray can cause a problem, too. And - the tray becomes often too heavy so many people like to carry it with both hands.

The Pendelino® keeps itself in balance. Hold the handle at the top "T" with just one hand and you can now walk around confidently with a full tray. With the your free hand you can, for example, open the door or serve the drinks from the tray.

The Pendelino® is almost stainless steel made and has been manufactured in a high quality.

Diameter:        35 cm

Handle:           10 mm stainless steel

Serving Tray:    1 mm stainless steel

Warranty:          1 year


Can carry up to 6 kg