isofloc pearl

isofloc pearl

Many houses built between 1900 and 1970 have cavity walls. The outer shell, usually a brick facade or plastered masonry, provides protection against the weather. Behind this there is a 40-100 mm cavity. The internal shell is usually the load bearing wall. A lot of valuable heat energy is lost via an un-insulated external wall. isofloc pearl cavity wall insulation puts a stop to that and is simply blown into the cavity between the two masonry shells.

Advantages for the building owner

Huge energy savings are possible with this insulation measure. The heat loss and CO2 emissions through the exterior wall are reduced by up to 80 percent*. Because the aeration of the air layer is prevented by cavity wall insulation, the surface temperature of the inner wall surfaces increases tangibly and unpleasant draught effects of cold walls or mould problems are consigned to the past. That contributes towards a high level of comfort for the inhabitants. The actual living space is not stressed or affected by the retrofitted insulation. Because the construction does not have to be completely broken open or partly destroyed, the retrofit insulation of a cavity wall with isofloc pearl is very economical and comfortable. Therefore, the costs of this energy-improvement measure are very small compared to other insulation solutions. The total energy balance of the building can be additionally optimised by combining isofloc pearl insulation with further isofloc insulation measures.

How does it work?

In cavity-wall retrofit solutions, the EPS granulate is injected into the formerly free space though blow-in holes in the facing brick shell and the openings are then sealed again with colour-matched plaster or grout. Information for the processing of injectable insulation materials can be found here. The installation is carried out exclusively by trained isofloc specialists.

Become an isofloc pearl specialist

We are the solution provider for the entire system of injected insulation materials. This success is based on three components that are perfectly matched to one another – the isofloc insulation system:

First-class products: With isofloc pearl, customer requests for different insulation materials can be met at any time – with only one partner in purchasing. isofloc pearl is therefore the perfect supplement to the range of products.

Comprehensive service: We support the isofloc specialists with comprehensive service and offer advice in technical issues, carry out structural engineering computations, help with your calculations or in making a decision for the right construction details, and support you on site.

Powerful machines: Powerful, easy-to-operate machines form the third component of the isofloc insulation system. They allow fast, rational work with a constantly high insulating quality.

With our insulating system, isofloc specialists obtain everything they need for economical and energetically successful insulation solutions completely from a single source.

* Depending on the initial situation and thickness of the insulating layer


  • Heat loss and CO2 emissions are reduced
  • Easy to use
  • Comfort thanks to a higher wall surface temperature
  • Reduced risk of mould
  • Well combinable with further isofloc insulation measures
  • High-quality installer training