isofloc woodfiber

isofloc woodfiber

isofloc woodfiber is an injectable wood-fibre insulation. The product is an ideal addition to isofloc’s ecological product range and is perfectly suited to simple compartment geometries. isofloc woodfiber can be processed using the isofloc injection technology.

Advantages for the building owner

As a solution provider for the overall system of injected insulation materials, isofloc also offers the injectable wood-fibre insulation isofloc woodfiber. The insulation material consists of fresh softwood and is hygroscopic and moisture regulative. It is perfectly suited to simple compartment geometries and insulates hollow spaces of all sizes and thicknesses (> 10 cm) without joints.

How does it work?

isofloc woodfiber is mechanically blown into the hollow spaces using the hose method, or using the injection needle. More detailed information for the processing of injectable insulation materials can be found here.

Become an isofloc specialist

isofloc is the solution provider for the overall system of injected insulation materials. This success is based on three components that are perfectly matched to one another – the isofloc insulation system:

First-class products: The loose wood-fibre insulation is thus the ideal supplement to isofloc cellulose insulation and fits perfectly into the assortment of an isofloc specialist. This way, customer requests for different insulation materials can be met at any time – with only one partner in purchasing.

Comprehensive service: isofloc assists the isofloc specialist with a comprehensive service: the application technology employees from isofloc offer advice on technical questions, perform building physics calculations or help with quotations.

Powerful machines: Powerful, easy-to-operate machines form the third component of the isofloc insulation system. They allow fast, rational work with a constantly high insulating quality.

With our insulating system, isofloc specialists obtain everything they need for economical and energetically successful insulation solutions from a single source.


  • wood fibres from fresh softwood
  • hygroscopic and moisture regulative
  • one material, all insulation thicknesses (> 10 cm) and shapes, no joints or offcuts
  • regenerative and ecological insulation material
  • high-quality installer training